MX™ Revolution by Logitech
On the picture: MX™ Revolution by Logitech

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MX Revolution - ftr - Speed


Accelerate your work style.

  • Hyper-fast Scrolling: Fly through long documents with the MicroGear™ Precision scroll wheel.
  • Quick-Flip: Move effortlessly between applications and documents with a flip of the thumb wheel.
  • Touch to Search: Enjoy one-click access to your favorite search engine—instantly search your computer, network, and across the Web.
MX Revolution - ftr - Comfort


The perfect grip.

  • Natural Position: Enjoy exceptional comfort with an ergonomic grip and deep-sculpted thumb support.
  • Convenient Controls: Do more with the mouse; make less visits to the keyboard.
MX Revolution - ftr - Precision


Every pixel within reach.

  • Advanced Laser Engine: Experience extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surface.
  • Click-to-Click Scrolling: Increase productivity with click-to-click navigation of lists, slides, and image collections.
MX Revolution - ftr - Convenience



  • Smart Scrolling: Automatically switch between hyper-fast or precision click-to-click scrolling modes to match the task at hand.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion: End battery worries forever. Stay on top of your power supply with a 4-stage battery level indicator.
  • Extreme Wireless: Experience bulletproof wireless freedom with robust 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless, plus the extra performance of full-speed USB.

Mouahahha i love this one so much
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On the video: Robot Chicken: Star Wars deleted scene

Ok well,

First time i played this game i was around let’s say… maybe 10. My parents were going for the weekend in some place, and my uncle was supposed to guard me. So at that time, i had already received a Nintendo… I went to rent a video game at the store and i saw this game… i played it all night long.


Short story:

Uncle : Time to go to bed.

Me: Let Me finish this stage it’s really hard.

Uncle: Oki after this stage.

Uncle: Have you finish the stage yet ?

Me: No… not yet.

Uncle: Is this the same stage as before ?

Me: Yeah ! (Sooooooooooo nooooooot truuueee )

Uncle: ZzzZzz

Me: [Music of Megaman 2 in the room]


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i played all night long and i made it trough the game… And my uncle slept well i’m sure hahaha

Here’s the game from the start to the end in the shortest time…

For those who played that game: “The guy who play in the video is insane… It supposed to have no cheat, as they say.”


Have fun to watch !


On the video: Megaman 2
by: Seth ‘Andrew’ Glass on 2008-04-26


Game’s name: Megaman 2

Platform : Nintendo

Source:: Speed Demos Archive


Megaman 2 front box cover

On the picture: Megaman 2 front box cover

HAHAHA I love at the top of the cover:

“State of the art — High resolution” HAHAHAH

A post dedicated to what i love the most in a sexual relationship: cunnilingus and woman orgasms

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Song: Don’t Look Back from Telepopmusik


Group/Artist: “Telepopmusik”

Album / Collection: “Angel Milk”

Year of release:: June 21, 2005

Song: Don’t Look Back

Track 1

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Angel Milk – Telepopmusik

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Pleasure of Rebeca by Josemanchado
Picture artist: Josemanchado
Picture title: Pleasure of Rebeca

Orgasm by Saicze
Picture artist: Saicze
Picture title: Orgasm

Blue O by Fresh Eye Coffee and Kevin Loreaux
Picture artist: Fresh Eye Coffee and Kevin Loreaux
Picture title: Blue O

Oh6 by Katgiraffe
Picture artist: Katgiraffe
Picture title: Oh6

She dies on orgasm by Metztli Moon
Picture artist: Metztli Moon
Picture title: She dies on orgasm

Plateau by LoganX78
Picture artist: LoganX78
Picture title: Plateau

... by Cerise Agressive
Picture artist: Cerise Agressive
Picture title:


Sit Still, and close your eyes
What’s behind the other door
No more silence, don’t kill this thing we got called love
Just searching for the perfect drug

When Love comes calling
Don’t look back
When love comes calling
Don’t look away

And I’m standing over here
Watching you over there
Smiling, happy, unaware
Oh, life is spinning round
You’re going underground, forgetting who we were
Let’s try and keep it just one more day

You take your love
And throw it all around
Like it’s nothing special
Just a sound
Let me say one more thing
I don’t think you realize
That a day is like a year sometime

This post is dedicated to my biggest dream since i was a kid


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Song: Could you bite the hand? from Steve Conte


Artist Music: “Yoko Kanno”

Artist Vocal: “Steve Conte”

Artist Text: “Tim Jensen”

Album / Collection: “Wolf’s Rain Soundtrack”

Year of release:: May 11, 2004

Song: Could you bite the hand?

Track 13

Buy album on Amazon:
Wolf’s Rain – Soundtrack

Look at Yoko Kanno info on Wikipedia:
Yoko Kanno

Look at Steve Conte info on Wikipedia:
Steve Conte

Look at Tim Jensen info on Wikipedia:
Tim Jensen

Look at wolf’s rain info on Wikipedia:
Wolf’s rain

ATAPLATA, A Simple Life
Picture artist: ATAPLATA
Picture title: A Simple Life

D-zero, Husky
Picture artist: D-zero
Picture title: Husky

pR3cel, My house in mountains...
Picture artist: pR3cel
Picture title: My house in mountains…

Dj-designs, Deep into the forest
Picture artist: Dj-designs
Picture title: Deep into the forest

Momentsoflife, Forest Stand
Picture artist: Momentsoflife
Picture title: Forest Stand



another gun for hire and just another day
when you are done, you just abuse it, whatever you say
if you were offered some, would you wanna bite the hand?
would you betray a friend to prove you’re cold then walk away?

we were born with nothin’ I don’t want, but you need something
you want glory, I need none and it’s coming between us

people are born with
people are born without
some people have
and others want
what some go without
some people live free
some people just want more
as for me I got all that I need

do you still think that we’re not brave if we don’t bleed?
we’ve seen so much blood and violence already, how much do you need?
you howl and fight your war and talk of being free
won’t let you in, they’re just usin’ you so why won’t you see?
some people are born so much closer to the sun
holdin’ out their hands and grabbin’ golden rays, they are the chosen few
but we both know of course that’s not you or me
and I’d be telling the truth if I said it don’t matter, so how bout you?

can you tell me really you don’t need it, you don’t want it
if you can, cool, if you can’t, the difference between us

people are born with
people are born without
some people have
and others want
what some go without
some people live free
some people just want more
as for me I got all that I need
don’t got much but I got what I need

some people are always reachin’ for some things that they don’t need
I’ll tell you now with thoughts like that there will never be enough
some people always struggling for something that is not
I’ll tell you something now that I’m really just fine lovin’ what I got

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