On the picture: JetAudio on my computer

I’m an old user of winamp… I think i’m a user since they started their software in 1997… So to find another good media player for me was something … let’s say… a long choice (“Resistance to change”, an old concept of computer science, that i’m using too much sometimes… )

So i found this software: JetAudio… wow… Simply Wow !

It’s simple, and complex at the same time.

A !/$!%!”$/ load of more options than winamp !

You have a clock on it !! (simple but so use)

You can burn cds, dvds, accelerate the speed of songs (hahaha oki … this one is useless… but fun the first time…)

Plus, It’s Slick !

I hoped that it was able to do my laundry, Foods and some cleaning at my apartment… but i found nothing on that… even on their site… Sorry folks…


Here’s the link of the official site of JetAudio::

Look at JetAudio info on Wikipedia:
JetAudio on Wikipedia