Hi !

i just started to learn a new instrument: Air Guitar !

It’s kinda hard, but i’m trying my best. I think with more pratice i’ll be much better. Anyways, here’s my first song played with an air guitar.

(The song is final fantasy on guitar… so… Beware non-geek !) :P

Me playing this song on air guitar.

Final Fantasy – Battle Medley: [audio:FFBRM.mp3]

I know, i know, you’ll say…

-“Hey on your pic you’re looking at your cord while playing…”

I’ll anwser you:

-“Just relax i’m kinda newb at Air guitar.”

Final Fantasy – Battle Medley:

Song: Final Fantasy – Battle Medley

Album / Collection: “OverClocked ReMix”

Compositer: “Nobuo Uematsu”

Played by: “Aneurysm, Warmth”

Look at Nobuo Uematsu on Wikipedia:
Nobuo Uematsu

Look at OverClocked ReMix on Wikipedia:
OverClocked ReMix

Me Ajusting my air guitar.