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Spike working in computers
If monkey work for banana, elephant for peanut;
My cat work for delicious sea food for cat in cans! LOL

IAO logo
On the picture: IAO’s logo


“Connections between the IAO and the popular social networking site Facebook have been also suggested as a hidden continuation of the programs intention to collect information on citizens. Theorists point out that the privacy policy of Facebook has raised many concerns about possible data-mining and that the relationships of persons funding Facebook shows close ties to peoples previously involved in the IAO.” – Source: “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_Awareness_Office”

Look at Information Awareness Office on Wikipedia:
Information Awareness Office

1. Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components

3. Go to Networking and click details

2. Tick the “Peer-to-Peer service” option and the “UPnP User Interface” option.

4. Click OK to get out of those dialogs, Windows will install some stuff for a minute or two, then try sending a file again.

5. Sit, Enjoy and wait for futur msn bug to pop in your face

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