On the video: LITERAL Tron Legacy Trailer Parody
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Motorcycle, switch lanes, reckless.
Swerve right, jump, don’t miss your exit!
Driving uphill, pan up quickly.
Panning down, you have arrived at Flynn’s
Rear-view mirror, focus.
Enter, turn on flashlight.
Flip it, games all turn on.
Top-view walking, tilt up pan down.
Ignore the other arcade games.
Towards the only one that matters,
Blue light, look at a quarter.
Insert quarter, gets rejected.
Pick it up, don’t waste your quarter.
Look at the arcade game, touch it.
Tron rotating, cut.
Wipe the dust off of a touchscreen.
Oh @*#$, turn around, something’s rising.
Lens lights up, light grows to blinding, cut.
Megatron gateway floating downwards.
People look small, LIGHTNING, fade out.
Laser-tag, wait, that’s a spaceship.
Looking down, things are rotating.
Light-cycle speeds past, going to a building.
Fade to a hot chick on a bench, look left.
Tiny hand-held stargate, rack-focus.
Elevating bad guys, wide shot bad guys.
Step on the light floor, throw, deflect it.
Blonde chick bounces, creepy guitar.
Light car peels out, frisbee jetpack zoom.
Walking, walking, walking, walking, cut.
Chunks of light come outta nowhere,
Spin randomly, then they spell…
Tron. Legacy. Eee, eee, eee.