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On the video: “Today I feel like this song” with “Nocturne of Love” from Marcus D

“Today I feel like this song…
Feeling alive, feeling strong, feeling deeply.
Thinking again of finding the true love.
That thought that appears in my mind when I was young.
Thought that have been worn, fading away with times.
Wondering if it’s dreaming to hope to find my soul mate;
In this world of consumerism, money values, materialistic and selfish world.

Am I right to keep hoping that Faith, God or the Universe will grant me that dream?
Because if it exist, I think it’s not meant for everyone.
Would it be meant for me?

No need to be in couple, just because one feels alone.
No need to pretend to love, just to have sex.
No need to lie, just for not telling someone I feel no real love.

Preferring to die alone, then to pretend having that feeling all long.

Wondering alone again, cats aside, looking at the times flowing…
Because Today I feel like this song;
Feeling alive, feeling strong, feeling deeply.
Thinking again of finding the true love.”

-Romston, July 20th, 2012
Written with the song: “Nocture of love” from Marcus D

On the video: Arrival of The Birds from The Cinematic Orchestra

To that unique person who cross my path not so long ago and who gave me the touch of a feeling that I had long buried away. Thank you.

Music Is Life,
Without It We Would Be In Strife,
Music Is My Whole World,
Without Music My Life Would Deserve To Be Hurled.

Music Is Love,
Music Is Like A Dove,
Music Is Passion,
Where Do You Think Everyone Gets Compassion.

Music Is What Keeps Us Alive,
It Helps Us Thrive,
Music Consumes You,
It Never Wants To Say Adieu.


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