I recently discover by a collegue at the job, the new and first album of Serj Tankian, the singer of System of a down.

For 4 days now, this album (Elect the Dead) is running 4 times a day

Enjoy one of my best on the album: Empty walls

Super Stardust HD

Today, i saw an old friend of mine. We knew each other since primary school, but it has been 3 years that we didn’t see each others. He’s the same kind of gamer that i’m, lol.

My friend: “Hey! What’s up, long time no see?? !!!”

Me: “Hey! what a nice new house you have!!”

[10 minutes later…]

My friend: “Wanna play Rock Band?”

Me: Yeah su…

[Sorry didn’t finish the sentence… I had to play RockBand ]

[10 minutes later…]

[20 minutes later…]

My friend: Do you know the game: Super Stardust HD, from the playstation 3 ?

My friend showed me this game… i found it too simple at first…like “I’m not gonna play this game… ”

Yeah rrrrrright…

I played just for fun…

[And it’s at that time, that i think Steve Jobs said: “And boom !”]

I were so addicted to this simple game with soooo awesome graphics…

Here’s the video of this addictive game… If you are septic at least try it


It was a great night with a good friend and video games, just like the ones in primary schools… except witch so much more technology: P

Bonjour à tous,

Aujourd’hui je dédis ce “post” aux gens avec qui je travail et qui me font tripper chaque jour. Je vous présente donc la caméra café de la job

Je vous explique le concept, depuis quelques années, avant les fêtes, ils mettent une webcam avec un ordi dans un coin pour que l’on puisse se filmer et laisser des gentils messages de paix. Après un certain temps, il y a un gars à job qui fait le montage !! (Merci Nick !!!!) et puis une fois que tout le monde au party de Noël de la job est pompette, on fait jouer ça. Ce qui est le fun c que personne ne sait ce que chacun a fait avant ce fameux soir de bière et de festoiement (Lendemain assez difficile pour ma pars ).

Alors le voici en grande primeur !!!

Il est quand même gros (67 mo), car il dure 20 min, alors désoler si vous habité dans un fond de rang avec un modem 56k ou 14.4k en Afrique… anyway


Ps: vous pouvez le mettre fullscreen ya un icone en bas à droite du player video

Yeah it’s been 5 days that i didn’t write something… That’s normal

First i had this Christmas job party of hell (the kind with unlimited alcohol and a party that i started at 5 pm and got to sleep at 6 am lol !) Anyways it was great but it was evil

Secondly, i’m learning how php and css script function to be able to modify my theme of wordpress the way and want. (It’s just another reason to program a bit )

So that’s it
See ya soon


Ps: i found this bd, i found it funny and psyco … lol !

An oldie butg goodie from perry bible fellowship

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