Ahahah I love that stand up

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Jim Carrey‘s stand up: Canada



I grew up in Canada.

You know I used to get real upset when I told people down in Las Angeles, because I always got the same response. ‘Canada? Wow, must’ve been cold.’ I used to try to explain to them the four different seasons, but now I find it alot more funner to go along with them:

“‘Yes, Canada. It was a frozen, hostile, wasteland. And there was much work to be done, if we were to survive the elements. After boring a hole through the ice to find food. My good friend Mantook and I, would build an Igloo to protect ouselves from polar bears and flying hokey pucks. Then we would drink alot of beer, and when Mantook was ready, he would tell me the story of the Great Moose, who said to the little squirrel ‘Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.”

On the video: Music videoclip: Clubbed to Death from Rob Dougan

This is my favorite japanese anime since 2000

On the video: Cowboy Bebop – Opening Credits HD

“Cowboy Bebop is an influential, critically-acclaimed, and award-winning 1998 Japanese anime series. It is regarded as one of the greatest anime series ever created.

It is the highest rated anime series on IMDB top 50 anime of all time, placing at number one.”

-Wikipedia.org November 26th 2010


“Cowboy Bebop est une série animée japonaise ayant eu une grande influente, la critique l’acclamée. Elle a aussi été gagnante d’un Award en 1998 sous la catégorie série animée japonaise. Elle est considérée comme l’une des plus grandes séries de dessins animés japonais jamais créées.

Cowboy Bebop est l’animée japonais le plus coté sur IMDB top 50 anime japonais et ce de tous les temps, et est donc en position numéro à ce niveau.”

Wikipedia.org 26 novembre 2010

Trevor Morris is a insane and awesome Canadian orchestral composer, music producer, and creator of electronic music.

On the video: Jane Seymour’s Theme from Trevor Morris

On the video: The Red Violin Pope’s Concert

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