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Last year i bought this mouse and wrote a review on it. I loved it at first, the concept of the free spin was amazing… but what about one year of usage ? Well… this mouse and the software that comes with it suck.

First you realize that the mouse is kinda really heavy, so that all movement after a long time of usage start being more hard to do (Especially for gamers).

Second after a short period of time, the longevity of your mouse battery get reduce enormously.

Third, i don’t know if its because i have windows 7 or because my mouse is broken, but my free spin is not working anymore, and that after i try every options made in the software, or the lots of forum without good solution (at that present time) i checked.

Oh Yeah…

One year ago, the package also came with a Keyboard MX 5500.

Oh the keyboard … Well let’s say it also have his share of Crap.

First, They removed the NUM Lock bottom on the keypad and change it for a “Clear Calc”.

What the Fuck you will say… Yeah. “Clear Calc” is used to do a clear on the “calculator mode” that appear on the screen of your keyboard. Stupidest idea of the whole decade. You replace a key, that is often used by a majority of people, by a key, that is used only for the screen of the keyboard (which by the way, I almost never used (you can count the number of times on my left hand)).

Why they did that ? You have already a calculator software on every single and respectable Operating systems !!!!

Second, the key gets worn after a year. They start to become hard to use, they stick on the keyboard (it’s not due to beer or any liquid that felt on it.).

Third, The arrow key are kinda curved. So the surface of the “up arrow” is higher then the surface of the “down arrow“. Witch is really a pain in the ass when you use those in a different angle than one you use generally with your keyboard.

But, i will still give a chance to Logitech on my future keyboard and mouse purchase. They used to make good hardware and software in the past. Let’s see if the next set i will buy will be able to get me enough satisfaction to keep me as a customer to them.

Cheers everyone !


MX™ Revolution by Logitech
On the picture: MX™ Revolution by Logitech

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Space Invaders
On the picture: Space Invaders

On the video: Duran Duran – Hungry like The Wolf


Duran Duran - Hungry like The Wolf
On the picture: Duran Duran – Hungry like The Wolf album

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Facebook is a mix of two ideas really simple, Web 2.0 (Witch include web 1.0) and Micro-Blogging.

There is three possibilities for using facebook in general: using it only for putting informations, sharing thougths on different subject or doing microblogging the way you want to.

So you can do one, a mix of thoses or none. I choose all So in another way when i will be 85 years old and that i will have nothing else to do for a hole month. I will read, listen and watch back my life more accurately

Facebook c’est un mélange de deux idées très simple, du web 2.0 (ce qui inclue le 1.0) et du micro-bloging.

Il y a 3 façons possibles d’utiliser facebook en général: l’utiliser pour mettre des informations, partager ses idées sur différents sujets ou faire du micro-blogging de la façon qui te plait le mieux.

Donc tu peux en faire une, un mix de ceux là ou aucun. J’ai choisit toute la gang Donc en d’autre mots, quand je vais avoir 85 ans et que j’aurai rien à faire d’autre durant un mois, je vais lire, écouter et revoir ma vie avec plus de détail

Song: Shing02 feat. Emi Meyer, Motoki Yamaguchi


Group/Artist: “Shing02”

Album / Collection: “Waikyoku”

Year of release:: June 18, 2008

Song: Wankyoku

Track 12

Directed by: Yuichiro Senda

Assistant Director: Katsunori Aoki

Director of Photography: Ryosuke Kariya

Camera Assistant: Yoji Tanaka

Production Assistant: Yusuke Murayama

Hair&Make-up: Eri Sato

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On the Picture: Shing02

On the Picture: Shing02

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