To all people who love Metal & Punk music and final fantasy games at the same time… Folks… put your headphones on, level up the sound and enjoy this song !!

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Song: Final Fantasy Fire Cross OC ReMix


Song: Final Fantasy Fire Cross

Game: Final Fantasy (Square, 1987, NES)

ReMixer: LuIzA

Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu

Song(s)::‘Battle’, ‘Battle with Gilgamesh’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, ‘Fanfare’, ‘Hunter’s Chance’, ‘Let the Battles Begin!’, ‘Mountain Pass – Conde Petie’, ‘World Revolution’

Song info on OC Remix web site (Download available for Free):
Final Fantasy Fire Cross on OC Remix web site (Download available for Free)

Where To? by RainerTachibana
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Super Stardust HD

Today, i saw an old friend of mine. We knew each other since primary school, but it has been 3 years that we didn’t see each others. He’s the same kind of gamer that i’m, lol.

My friend: “Hey! What’s up, long time no see?? !!!”

Me: “Hey! what a nice new house you have!!”

[10 minutes later…]

My friend: “Wanna play Rock Band?”

Me: Yeah su…

[Sorry didn’t finish the sentence… I had to play RockBand ]

[10 minutes later…]

[20 minutes later…]

My friend: Do you know the game: Super Stardust HD, from the playstation 3 ?

My friend showed me this game… i found it too simple at first…like “I’m not gonna play this game…

Yeah rrrrrright…

I played just for fun…

[And it’s at that time, that i think Steve Jobs said: “And boom !”]

I were so addicted to this simple game with soooo awesome graphics…

Here’s the video of this addictive game… If you are septic at least try it


It was a great night with a good friend and video games, just like the ones in primary schools… except witch so much more technology: P

A nice sketch from xkcd that represent my rock star life since one month hahahahahah

Rock Band


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