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Song: Prelude To War from Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica)


Group/Artist: “Bear McCreary”

Album / Collection: “Battlestar Galactica: Season Two soundtrack”

Year of release:: June 20, 2006

Song: Prelude To War

Track 17

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Battlestar Galactica: Season Two

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Bear McCreary

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Battlestar Galactica

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Taenaron’s Art official web site

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Taenaron’s Art on Deviant Art

Earth 2049 - The End by Taenaron
Picture artist: Taenaron
Picture title: Earth 2049 – The End
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Paradise City by Taenaron
Picture artist: Taenaron
Picture title: Paradise City
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Earth 2584 by Taenaron
Picture artist: Taenaron
Picture title: Earth 2584
Full size picture Earth 2584 by Taenaron full size version

“A la liberté de provocation, répond la liberté d’objection.”


Auteur: “Bernard Pivot”

Citation de: “Le Métier de lire”

Information de l’auteur:
Bernard Pivot

Information sur les citations de l’auteur sur Wikiquote:
citations de Bernard Pivot

“Dans un couple, peut-être que l’important n’est pas de vouloir rendre l’autre heureux, c’est de se rendre heureux et d’offrir ce bonheur à l’autre.”

Cliquez ici pour plus d’information sur la citation

Yeah it’s been 5 days that i didn’t write something… That’s normal

First i had this Christmas job party of hell (the kind with unlimited alcohol and a party that i started at 5 pm and got to sleep at 6 am lol !) Anyways it was great but it was evil

Secondly, i’m learning how php and css script function to be able to modify my theme of wordpress the way and want. (It’s just another reason to program a bit )

So that’s it
See ya soon


Ps: i found this bd, i found it funny and psyco … lol !

An oldie butg goodie from perry bible fellowship

Oki while i’m waiting for my new skin i’m trying to look into the code of the CSS file of K2 Maybe i’ll be able to manage my css file for minimalism 2.0. Who knows… the code seem simple to understand .

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