To the one i admire the most for his musical talent ever: Nobuo Uematsu


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Song: Fighting from Nobuo Uematsu


Artist: “Nobuo Uematsu”

Album / Collection: “Final Fantasy VII Piano Collection”

Year of release:: December 3, 2003

Song: Fighting

Track 5

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Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII

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Nobuo Uematsu

Piano from Erik Opdal
Picture artist: Erik Opdal
Picture title: Piano

Don’t panic… i’m updating my blog…

sooon friends it’ll come back in a better version… Maybe next week



i was thinking about that… what is the evolution of the data storage in computers technology? I mean, think about it, when i was young i had somes old floppy disk 5.25inch. It was containing an amazing amount of 720 KB !! Wow 720 KB what a deal.

The good old floppy disk 5.25inch

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