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On the picture:: t(-_-t) “Fuck you Bowser” -Mario

Castaway and Mario :P
On the picture:: Castaway and Mario

The hills have eyes
On the picture:: The hills have eyes

First time i played at Super Mario bros, i was at primary school maybe 3rd grade, i went to a “Friend of a Friend” birthday party…

Ahaha i know… sounds weird… but this “Friend of a friend” had a Nintendo… and moreover: “this mystical video game they called at the time “Super Mario Bros””.

I knew that before the party, because i saw those “2 thumbs up” graphics videogame on tv,


    … sorry dear “Friend of a friend”, i didn’t have the choice Hahaha

I played at the party maybe a stage or two… but i knew after that… …that i wanted more !!!

    I needed a mustache, a Nintendo console and

“this mystical video game they called at the time “Super Mario Bros”” !!!

    Thank god, i forgot about the mustache part the next day…

but like millions of child at on the planet at that time…

I asked for Christmas, a Nintendo with Super Mario Bros included

As you will see the guy who’s playing is insanely good (again)…

i wasn’t that self confident when i encountered pits and plants… HAHA !


Have fun to watch !



    Fun fact: the hole game is in term of computer storage data: 320-kb.

    That means: You need 39 426 560 Super Mario Bros to fit into a DVD.


On the video: Super Mario Bros
by: Andrew Gardikis on 2008-03-12


Game’s name: Super Mario Bros

Platform : Nintendo

Source:: Speed Demos Archive


Super Mario Brosfront box cover
On the picture: Super Mario Bros front box cover

HAHAHA I love at the top of the cover:

J’ai trouvé une nice chanson de noël. C’est un mélange entre plusieurs chansons de mario bros et de chansons de noël.

Have fun !!!





Ps: Chaque petit bout de chanson de noël est mixé avec une chanson de mario

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