On the video: The Black Mages – Zeromus
From Album:: The Skies Above (2004)

For those who played Final Fantasy IV. Zeromus music played by The black Mage. With Nobuo Uematsu, composer, producer, and keyboardist for The Black Mages.

The Black Mages
On the picture: The Black Mages

The Black Mages, back cover
On the picture: The Black Mages

Look at the the Black Mages info on Wikipedia:
The Black Mages on Wikipedia

Spike working in computers
If monkey work for banana, elephant for peanut;
My cat work for delicious sea food for cat in cans! LOL

Folks… This is Spike my new cat

Spike the geek cat
On the picture: My new setup computer… They said that if you have a mouse wireless why not having the cat also

Spike the geek cat
On the picture: Discovering the keyboard

Spike the geek cat
On the picture: What the ?

Spike the geek cat
On the picture:“Please do Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart”

Spike the geek cat
On the picture: Watching a movie about Chinese eating some fried cats

Spike the geek cat
On the picture: Intense moment in the movie… hahaha

MX™ Revolution by Logitech
On the picture: MX™ Revolution by Logitech

Look at Logitech info on Wikipedia:

MX Revolution - ftr - Speed


Accelerate your work style.

  • Hyper-fast Scrolling: Fly through long documents with the MicroGear™ Precision scroll wheel.
  • Quick-Flip: Move effortlessly between applications and documents with a flip of the thumb wheel.
  • Touch to Search: Enjoy one-click access to your favorite search engine—instantly search your computer, network, and across the Web.
MX Revolution - ftr - Comfort


The perfect grip.

  • Natural Position: Enjoy exceptional comfort with an ergonomic grip and deep-sculpted thumb support.
  • Convenient Controls: Do more with the mouse; make less visits to the keyboard.
MX Revolution - ftr - Precision


Every pixel within reach.

  • Advanced Laser Engine: Experience extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surface.
  • Click-to-Click Scrolling: Increase productivity with click-to-click navigation of lists, slides, and image collections.
MX Revolution - ftr - Convenience



  • Smart Scrolling: Automatically switch between hyper-fast or precision click-to-click scrolling modes to match the task at hand.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion: End battery worries forever. Stay on top of your power supply with a 4-stage battery level indicator.
  • Extreme Wireless: Experience bulletproof wireless freedom with robust 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless, plus the extra performance of full-speed USB.
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