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Song: East Hastings from Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Group/Artist: “Godspeed You! Black Emperor”

Album / Collection: “f#a# (infinity symbol)”

Year of release:: June 9, 1998

Song: East Hastings (This is a part of this song, original song 17:58 minutes)

Track 2

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f#a# (infinity symbol)

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Thoughts by DanielYuen
Picture artist: DanielYuen
Picture title: Thoughts

Tones by xkcd
On the picture: Tones by xkcd

Xkcd offfical web site: xkcd

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I found this search engine recently. I found it nice, rapid and easy to use. What is nice about it, is that you can choose witch search engine you want to include in your search aggregation.

Enjoy !



Look at the web site:USniff.com


Jon Lajoie page on YouTube

A nice article from ammaro.com on the evolution of tv :

The Evolution of TV

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