The Simpsons
On the picture:: The Simpsons

“There are currently over 100 titles in the Mega Man series, according to Capcom’s official sales data (as of June 30, 2008 there were 120).” –Source: Wikipedia

On the video: Video: Megaman faces (All official MegamanMegaman’s weapons)


Megaman, dark background
On the picture: Megaman

“When human will no longer control computer’s tech, 2 choices will remain. Maybe by Irony, let’s hope not sarcasm. But it will be 0 or 1” -Romston, May 4th 2009


Michale Brun, A Moment of Silence (1/3)
Picture title: A Moment of Silence (1/3)
Picture artist: Michale Brun


What i think about this art:


The geometry form gives the touch to the subconsciousness: there’s a diagonal that cut the picture in two.

On a side, it’s weird green with horizontal line, represent a same direction of flux.

On the other side, people are all attach to something…

They think they can look in any direction they want:

(all head doesn’t have the same angle)…

But in fact they don’t. They are still looking in a “mean” direction.



(They don’t even see the one next to them.)

You didn’t realized that the first time ?


What aren’t you realizing now …



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Song: Eternally Good Harvest from Nobuo Uematsu on piano


Artist: “Nobuo Uematsu”

Album / Collection: “Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections”

Year of release:: July 26, 2004

Song: Eternally Good Harvest

Track 01

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Final Fantasy, Vol. 9: Piano Collections

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Final Fantasy

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Nobuo Uematsu

Machinery of the Stars by Alexiuss
Picture artist: Alexiuss
Picture title: Machinery of the Stars

North American version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
On the picture: North American version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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