On the video: Adolf Hitler’s Rise and Fall

Description of the video: Adolf Hitler’s life, from the founding of the Nazi Party to the fall of the “Thousand Year Reich.”

Duration: 55 minutes 11 seconds

“It is the power of music… to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer. The listener has no choice. It is like hypnotism.”

Ludwig van Beethoven – At 1:33


On the video: The best description of music; Played by Gary Oldman as Ludwig van Beethoven


Immortal Beloved front cover movie
On the picture Immortal Beloved front cover movie


Look at Ludwig van Beethoven on Wikipedia: Ludwig van Beethoven

Look at Immortal Beloved info on IMDB: Immortal Beloved on IMDB (1994)

Look at Immortal Beloved on Wikipedia: Immortal Beloved on Wikipedia(1994)

Yeah it’s been 5 days that i didn’t write something… That’s normal

First i had this Christmas job party of hell (the kind with unlimited alcohol and a party that i started at 5 pm and got to sleep at 6 am lol !) Anyways it was great but it was evil

Secondly, i’m learning how php and css script function to be able to modify my theme of wordpress the way and want. (It’s just another reason to program a bit )

So that’s it
See ya soon


Ps: i found this bd, i found it funny and psyco … lol !

An oldie butg goodie from perry bible fellowship

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