Not giving a fu...
On the picture:: Not giving a fu…

On the video: Arrival of The Birds from The Cinematic Orchestra

To that unique person who cross my path not so long ago and who gave me the touch of a feeling that I had long buried away. Thank you.

I would relax there all day \ (^_^) /
On the picture:: I would relax there all day \ (^_^) /

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On the video: Wind Message from Blazo. Album:Alone Journey


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Alone Journey

1. Magnesium Sulfate (3 cups)
2. Bubble bath (Like you want)
3. A bath
4. Hot water
5. Candles or light with dimmer
6. Wine

… And the most important:

7. While in the bath, listen to music that you already know that is relaxing you.

8. Relax…

Recipe for relaxation

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