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On the video: The Black Mages – Zeromus
From Album:: The Skies Above (2004)

For those who played Final Fantasy IV. Zeromus music played by The black Mage. With Nobuo Uematsu, composer, producer, and keyboardist for The Black Mages.

The Black Mages
On the picture: The Black Mages

The Black Mages, back cover
On the picture: The Black Mages

Look at the the Black Mages info on Wikipedia:
The Black Mages on Wikipedia

RadioCanada.Ca on Twitter
On the picture(linked): RadioCanada.Ca on Twitter


What is twitter ? Look at this video:

On the video: Twitter in Plain English
Official Web site of this type of videos: The Commoncraft Shows

On the video: Jim’s Pranks on Dwight: The Best Of

6:02 — “I took a box of Dwights stationary, so from time to time I send Dwight faxes… from himself…from the future.”

[Dwight at 8am today someone poisons the coffee, do not drink the coffee! More instructions will follow. Cordially future Dwight.]

“Dwight nooooooooo!!!!!… You’ll thank me later”

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First time i played at Super Mario bros, i was at primary school maybe 3rd grade, i went to a “Friend of a Friend” birthday party…

Ahaha i know… sounds weird… but this “Friend of a friend” had a Nintendo… and moreover: “this mystical video game they called at the time “Super Mario Bros””.

I knew that before the party, because i saw those “2 thumbs up” graphics videogame on tv,


    … sorry dear “Friend of a friend”, i didn’t have the choice Hahaha

I played at the party maybe a stage or two… but i knew after that… …that i wanted more !!!

    I needed a mustache, a Nintendo console and

“this mystical video game they called at the time “Super Mario Bros”” !!!

    Thank god, i forgot about the mustache part the next day…

but like millions of child at on the planet at that time…

I asked for Christmas, a Nintendo with Super Mario Bros included

As you will see the guy who’s playing is insanely good (again)…

i wasn’t that self confident when i encountered pits and plants… HAHA !


Have fun to watch !



    Fun fact: the hole game is in term of computer storage data: 320-kb.

    That means: You need 39 426 560 Super Mario Bros to fit into a DVD.


On the video: Super Mario Bros
by: Andrew Gardikis on 2008-03-12


Game’s name: Super Mario Bros

Platform : Nintendo

Source:: Speed Demos Archive


Super Mario Brosfront box cover
On the picture: Super Mario Bros front box cover

HAHAHA I love at the top of the cover:

Song: Taken from Hans Zimmer

“La partie la plus lente d’un ordinateur aujourd’hui, est le disque dur; Demain, ce sera l’Homme…”


“The slowest component in a computer today, is the hard drive; Tomorow, it will be Humans…”


Author of the quote: “Romston”

Group/Artist: “Hans Zimmer”

Album / Collection: “The Last Samurai Soundtrack”

Year of release:: November 25, 2003

Song: Taken

Track 3

Buy album or this mp3 on Amazon:
Hans Zimmer – The Last Samurai

Look at Hans Zimmer info on Wikipedia:
Hans Zimmer

Cyborg by Garthim
Picture artist: Garthim
Picture title: Cyborg

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