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Song: Military Fashion Show from And one


Group/Artist: “And One”

Album / Collection: “”Military Fashion Show”

Year of release:: July 16, 2007

Song: “Military Fashion Show (Club Hit)”

Track # 3

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And one – Military Fashion Show

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And one – Military Fashion Show

And one - Military Fashion Show


Cutiest girl behind my door
Everybody’s hiding in love from war
The beauty broke down their chains somehow
Who’s gonna living on my body now

A growing pain within my pop divine
Will I ever regret the line
Switching on the light
I will not reassign
Girlfriend’s girlfriends never could be mine

Drop her white pants wide open warm
Now she’s slipping on her uniform
And every second would become so misdefine
Girlfriend’s girlfriends never could be mine

What can I do?
What can I say?
Choose your weapon, time to pay
Forget about the second day
We could be friends
With a kiss in flow
Choose your weapon, time to go
A military fashion show

Cutiest girl ask for more
Unfortunately, someone’s creeping on my floor
An empty glass, a topless babe, a knock on the door
Girlfriend’s girlfriends never could be more

What can I do…

Super Stardust HD

Today, i saw an old friend of mine. We knew each other since primary school, but it has been 3 years that we didn’t see each others. He’s the same kind of gamer that i’m, lol.

My friend: “Hey! What’s up, long time no see?? !!!”

Me: “Hey! what a nice new house you have!!”

[10 minutes later…]

My friend: “Wanna play Rock Band?”

Me: Yeah su…

[Sorry didn’t finish the sentence… I had to play RockBand ]

[10 minutes later…]

[20 minutes later…]

My friend: Do you know the game: Super Stardust HD, from the playstation 3 ?

My friend showed me this game… i found it too simple at first…like “I’m not gonna play this game…

Yeah rrrrrright…

I played just for fun…

[And it’s at that time, that i think Steve Jobs said: “And boom !”]

I were so addicted to this simple game with soooo awesome graphics…

Here’s the video of this addictive game… If you are septic at least try it


It was a great night with a good friend and video games, just like the ones in primary schools… except witch so much more technology: P

Flogging Molly

Oki it’s Christmas, it’s time to dance, have fun and drink a lot! A while ago, in the Christmas time, our ancestors (from Québec) loved to dance at the rhythm of violins and guitar. And since i have some Irish in my blood (a long story from Québec evolution ) i though this is the time to present you one of my favourite bands: Flogging Molly!!!

I so danced and “trashed” on this music when I were at the university at the best Pub of Sherbrooke City called: “Les marches”!!!! Ah theses sweet nights with boozes, friends and flogging

Anyways here’s a clip and a list of my best songs ever that i’m listening in my car

Flogging Molly is a seven-piece Irish American punk band composed of:

Dave King: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Bridget Regan: Fiddle, Tin Whistle
Dennis Casey: Electric Guitar
Matt Hensley: Accordion
Nathen Maxwell: Bass
Bob Schmidt: Mandolin, Banjo
George Schwindt: Drums

Have fun!!


Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies :

My best of:

1. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 01 – Salty Dog
2. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 02 – Drunken Lullabies
3. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 03 – What’s Left Of The Flag
4. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 04 – Devil’s Dance Floor
5. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 05 – Seven deadly sins
6. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 06 – Selfish Man
7. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 07 – May The Living Be Dead (In Our Wake)
8. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 08 – Queen annes revenge
9. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 09 – Black Friday Rule
10. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 10 – To youth
11. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 11 – Cruel Mistress
12. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 12 – Another Bag Of Bricks
13. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 13 – With a wonder and a wild desire
14. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 14 – Life In A Tenement Square
15. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 15 – Every Dog Has His Day
16. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 16 – The Kilburn Highroad
17. Mix Peter – Flogging Molly – 17 – Between A Man And A Woman

Ps: If everything’s right i’m going to see them when they will come in Montreal in 2008, with a friend or two

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