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(Eminem Speaking)
Most people don’t see how much work is really involved in this rap shit
I didn’t know it
I didn’t see it
I never saw it until i was actually in it
You really gotta be in it
To understand what its like
But you always gotta
People always gotta see your smile
You always gotta put on that fake
You know what i’m sayin
No matter what you just been through

So you wanna be a rap superstar?
And live large,
A big house
5 cars
The rent charged
Comin up in the world
Don’t trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

I remember the days when i was a young kid,
Growin up,
Lookin in the mirror dreamin about blowin up
To rock crowds make money
Chill wit the honies
Sign autographs and whatever the people want from me
Shits funny
How impossible cream manifest in the games that be comin with it
Never the less you gotta go for the gusto
But you don’t know about the blood sweat and tears and losin some of your peers
And losin some of your self
Music has past gone by
Hopefully you don’t manifest for the wrong guy
In the brainiac
Don’t know how to act
Shits deep
48 tracks
Studio gangsta mack
Sign a deal emcees wanna make a mill
But never will
Till he crosses over still
Feelin no hate
But fantasies come wit these
Just to sacrifice the taste of makin cheese
You wanna be a rap superstar in the biz
And take shit from people who don’t know what it is
I wish it was all fun and games
But the price of fame,
Is high!
And some can’t pay to play
Trapped in what you rappin about
Tell me what happened when you lost clout
The rout you took started collapsing
No fans
No fame
No respect
No change
No women
And everyone shits on your name

So you wanna be a rap superstar?
And live large
A big house
5 cars
The rent charged
Comin up in the world don’t trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly
To be a rap superstar
And live large
A big house
5 cars
The rent charged
Comin up in the world don’t trust nobody
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

(Noreaga Speaking)
When you sign to a record label
You don’t know just signed your life over ***
And these whiteboys don’t care about you
Cuz the minute you fall off
They’ll find another Noreaga
And they’ll find another Capone-n-Noreaga
And they’ll find another B-Real
So you need to just keep
Stack your chips up
Do what you gotta do while you hot
And mafuckin get out the game
This isn’t the drug game,
It’s even worse,
Because in the drug game,
Because if someone jerks you
You can shoot em and kill em ***
But in this game if someone jerks you
You gotta be humble

(Eminem Speaking)
No matter what you just been through
Shit has gotta be right
You gotta approach people
You gotta be on the up and up
And everything gotta be all good
When you see someone slap hands with em
You know what i’m sayin give em a pound
Or whatever it is
But you always gotta act like it ain’t shit


My own son don’t know me
Sittin up in the hotel room lonley
But I thank god I’m wit my homies
But sometimes I wish I was back home
But only no radio or videos
Cuz they show me no love
The phony gotta hit the road slowly
So the record gets pushed by sony
I’m in the middle like monie
And the press say that
My own people disowned me
And the best way back
Is to keep your head straight
Never inflate the cranium
Your crew worried about them honies at the paladium
Who just wanna cling on swing on
And so on and go on and fall off
The hoes fall off
To the next rap superstar
Wit no shame give him a year
And they’ll be right out the game
The same as the last one
Who came before him
Gained fame
Started gettin ignored
I warned him
Assured him
This ain’t easy take it from weezy
Sleezy people wanna be cheesey
They’re fuckin’ evil


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Song: Poupées Russes de Kraked Unit


Groupe/Artiste: “Kraked Unit”

Album / Collection: “Les Poupées Russe Soundtrack”

Year of release:: October 25, 2005

Song: Poupees Russes

Track 7

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Les Poupee Russes

Voir l’information sur les poupées russes sur Wikipedia:
Les poupées russes

Look at Russian Dolls info on Wikipedia:
Russian Dolls

Extrait de Romain Duris dans le film “Les poupées russes”:


« C’est quoi s’bordel avec l’amour là, comment ca s’fait qu’on viens dingue à se point ?

T’imagine le temps qu’on passe à se prendre la tête la d’su ?

Quand t’est seul tu t’plaint; Est-ce que je vais trouver quelqu’un ?

Quand t’a quelqu’un; Est-ce que c’est la bonne ?

Est-ce que je l’aime vraiment ?

Et est-ce qu’elle m’aime autant que moi je l’aime?

Est-ce que l’on peut aimer plusieurs personnes dans sa vie ?

Pourquoi on se sépare ?

Est-ce qu’on peut réparer les choses quand l’on sent que ça marche mal entre les deux personnes ?


Toutes ses questions à la con que l’on se pose tout le temps !

Pourtant on peut pas dire que l’on y connais rien, on est préparé quand même !

On lit des histoires d’amour, on lit des contes, on lit des romans d’amour, on voit des films d’amour…



« J’ai repensé à toutes les filles que j’avais connues, avec qui j’avais couché ou même que j’avais seulement désiré.
J’me suis dit qu’elles étaient comme des poupées russes.
On passe sa vie entière à jouer à ce jeu là.
On est curieux de savoir qui sera la dernière, la toute petites qui était caché depuis le début dans toutes les autres.
On ne peut pas l’attraper directement, on est obliger de suivre un cheminement.
Il faut les ouvrir l’une après l’autres en se demandant à chaque fois :

« Est-ce que c’est elle la dernière ? »


Julie Roch, poupees russes
Artiste de la photo: Julie Roch
Titre de la photo: Poupées russes

“Put Anthrax on a Tampax and slap you till you can’t stand”

Author: “Eminem”

Quote from: “Superman Cry Me A River (Remix)”

Look at the Author info on Wikipedia:

Picture artist: Jdesignx
Picture title: Eminem

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