On the video: “Today I feel like this song” with “Nocturne of Love” from Marcus D

“Today I feel like this song…
Feeling alive, feeling strong, feeling deeply.
Thinking again of finding the true love.
That thought that appears in my mind when I was young.
Thought that have been worn, fading away with times.
Wondering if it’s dreaming to hope to find my soul mate;
In this world of consumerism, money values, materialistic and selfish world.

Am I right to keep hoping that Faith, God or the Universe will grant me that dream?
Because if it exist, I think it’s not meant for everyone.
Would it be meant for me?

No need to be in couple, just because one feels alone.
No need to pretend to love, just to have sex.
No need to lie, just for not telling someone I feel no real love.

Preferring to die alone, then to pretend having that feeling all long.

Wondering alone again, cats aside, looking at the times flowing…
Because Today I feel like this song;
Feeling alive, feeling strong, feeling deeply.
Thinking again of finding the true love.”

-Romston, July 20th, 2012
Written with the song: “Nocture of love” from Marcus D

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Maaya Sakamoto 坂本 真綾
On the picture: Maaya Sakamoto 坂本 真綾

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Romanized Japanese Lyrics

yami no yosora ga futari wakatsu no wa
yobiau kokoro hadaka ni suru tame

kazari nugisute subete nakusu toki
nanika ga mieru

kaze yo watashi wa tachimukau
yukou kurushimi no umi eto

kizuna kono mune ni kizande
kudakeru nami wa hatenaku tomo

nani wo motomete daremo araso’u no?
nanashita chishio hana wo sakaseru no?

toutoki ashita kono te ni suru made
deaeru hi made

kaze yo watashi wa tachimukau
yukou kagayaki wo mezashite

inori kono mune ni dakishime
samayo’u yami no youna mirai

kaze yo watashi wa osorenai
ai koso mitsuke dashita kiseki yo

kimi wo sJinjiteru yorokobi
arashi wa ai ni kidzuku tane ni fuiteru


English Lyrics

The darkness of the night sky separates us
our hearts, calling out to each other, are laid bare.

When all ornaments are thrown away and everything is lost
Something becomes visible.

I fight against the wind
and I wish to go to the sea of pain.

These bonds are carving through this chest
The breaking wave knows no end.

Will no one oppose what I am searching for?
Can my overflowing blood make the flowers bloom?

Until the precious tomorrow is at hand
Until the day we meet

I fight against the wind
and I wish to go and gaze upon the shining light

I hold tight a prayer in my chest
I wander in the darkness of the future

I do not fear the wind
Especially love is a miracle we keep discovering

Happiness believes in you and
the storm is blowing for the recognition of love.


Japanese Lyrics

闇の夜空が 二人分かつのは
呼び合う心 裸にするため

飾り脱ぎ捨て すべて失くす時

風よ 私は立ち向かう
行こう 苦しみの海へと

絆 この胸に刻んで
砕ける 波は果てなくとも

何を求めて 誰も争うの?
流した血潮 花を咲かせるの?

尊き明日 この手にするまで

風よ 私は立ち向かう
行こう 輝きを目指して

祈り この胸に抱きしめ
彷徨う 闇のような未来

風よ 私はおそれない

君を 信じてる歓び
嵐は 愛に気づくために吹いてる


Portuguese Lyrics

O céu noturno separa os dois
Para revelar os corações que chamam um ao outro

Quando despimos nossos ornamentos, perdemos tudo
Podemos ver algo

Vento, estou indo contra você
Vou ir até o mar do sofrimento

Os grilhões cortam meu peito
A onda que se quebra é infinita

O que desejam aqueles que lutam?
O sangue derramado vai fazer florescer as flores?

Até que o precioso amanhã esteja em minhas mãos
Até o dia em que possamos nos encontrar

Vento, estou indo contra você
Vamos, mirando a luz (o brilho)

Acolhendo a prece em meu peito
Vago em um futuro parecido com a escuridão

Vento, não terei medo
O amor é o milagre que encontrei

A felicidade de acreditar em você
A tempestade sopra para que percebamos este amor

On the video: Arrival of The Birds from The Cinematic Orchestra

To that unique person who cross my path not so long ago and who gave me the touch of a feeling that I had long buried away. Thank you.